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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

30 things about me

30 things about me in honor of my 30th trip around the sun

  1. I am a lover of all things skincare
  2. I have an infinite love for family heirlooms
  3. In theory I like the beach, but I'm a mountains kind of girl
  4. I wear driving gloves to keep the sun off of my hands 
  5. I love traveling but hate flying 
  6. I love photography, but have yet to dive into that creative outlet
  7. I love making fresh flower arrangements and want to find a local workshop
  8. I still drive my car from college  
  9. Jonathan and I weren't house hunting when we found ours  
  10. I had open heart surgery when I was 3
  11. I am horrible with directions 
  12. I've never broken a bone
  13. I am an introvert
  14. I learned to ride horses in highschool and fell in love with it
  15. I am an old soul 
  16. I have never seen Friends and should probably be ashamed of it
  17. Instagram > Facebook
  18. My thumbprint radio on Pandora goes from Enya to 90's R&B on the regular 
  19. I love quotes and sayings. I just love beautiful words in general
  20. The older I've gotten, the more intentional I've become about what I fill my home with 
  21. My first job was at a small shop called String Beads where I learned to hand make jewelry. I still make pieces from time to time.
  22. I have over 30,000 things pinned on pinterest
  23. I took a trip with Jonathan's family where we spent 3 nights camping in and rafting down the Grand Canyon
  24. Savannah, Ga is one of my favorite southern cities. In fact, I lived there for 2 years while Jonathan and I were dating.
  25. I'm the youngest of 6 siblings. 2 brothers and 3 sisters
  26. I'm a true coffee addict. I like mine with almond milk
  27. I've seen every Jane Austen movie several times and still can't get enough 
  28. Since seeing Memoirs of a Geisha I've had Japan on my travel bucket list
  29. Jonathan likes to tell people Harrison was named after Harrison Ford... he was not :)
  30. It took me almost 3 days to come up with 30 somewhat interesting facts about myself     

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